Sunday, April 13, 2008

Y'know what really annoys me?...

...when chicks on "Baby 'n Bump" (the TTC online community I frequent) create posts with titles like:

"Holy shit...OMG OMG OMG OMG....FINALLY!!" and then announce their "BFP". But then, when you look at their profile, it says "TTC since April 2008" in...THIS MONTH. Their posts also usually have those little "Blinkers" that say "Under 20 and TTC" and "Only 1,477 days until Todd and I get married!!!!!"

Of course, being the sensitive ladies that they always are, they invariably post some disclaimer like:

"Of course, I'm conscious of how so many of you ladies have been trying for a lot longer than me, but DH and I are still SO SO excited because we wanted this SO SO badly for (what somehow seemed like ) SO SO long (ie. the past 19 days) ! **Baby Dust** to all you TTC ladies! Your BFPs are JUST around the corner, I can just feel it!!"

Fuck off.

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