Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back, I'm sick and I'm getting better...

I'm back from Toronto and it was a pretty good trip. Lots of good food and seeing family was nice. It's tough getting used to the differences between DH's family and my own, but that's all I'll say. The truth is that both families hosted nice seders and everyone was nice and welcoming and showed us a great time. It was all good. I'm just still adjusting to a new family.

As soon as we got to Toronto, it became clear that my sniffles were quickly becoming a full blown cold and sinus infection. The kicker? I could feel the cold crawling south...to my lungs. I hate coughs!! I know, I know...everyone hates coughs. But I especially hate coughs because the cause me to have intense bouts of insomnia. When I spend two nights without sleep because of incessant coughing, I usually spiral into a cycle of insomnia, where I don't sleep for a week after that. Ugh...this is going to suck.

Now the good news. As I mentioned before, my friend works as a lab technician in a hospital and offered to draw some blood and do a TSH test for me while I was visiting Toronto. Well, late last night she drew my blood and ran the tests this morning and my TSH came back at 37.....that's over 70 points lower than it was three weeks ago. Great, eh? We're headed in the right direction. Of course, I say "great", but I really feel bitter sweet about it because I'm still totally worrying that the last 35 points will take me months to drop.

I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday, so I think I'll ask her to consider increasing my dose to help ensure that my TSH can be at 2.0 within one months time. It's a pipe dream, I know, but it's worth a shot.

Ok, I'm off to bed....Exhausted!!...G'night

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