Sunday, April 27, 2008


Boy, do I love my freedom. And you can bet, that after two, back to back, three-day yom tovim (holidays), I sure do appreciate my freedom that my more. Freedom to use my laptop whenever I want, freedom to switch on and off lights as necessary, freedom to cook yummy food at a whim, freedom to watch tv.

I'm very proud of DH and I. We made it through this pesach. We didn't have any extravagant food, no fancy shmancy pesach dishes - just the necessities. The second three-day yom tov, the one that just passed, was very low key for us. We only had one invitation to eat at someone's house, and the folks we invited to our place ended up cancelling. So, it was very quiet, with lots of time to catch up on reading, sleeping and walking through our gorgeous neighbourhood. Fine by me!

Anyway, all that is to say, it was lovely to have to have some time off, but by the end it felt like a little too much time. I'm happy to be back. I hope you're all still here and reading. Please let me know if you are!! I love comments.

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