Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ok...well, that's done,

So, DH and I had our appointment today and I still can't decide how I feel about it.

First off, the doctor: Dr. C is obviously an expert in his field. He peppers his speech with references to recent and old medical studies, and doesn't hesitate for a second as he's offering his advice.

I should note that DH and I know Dr. C on a personal level, so he may have treated us differently than he normally treats his patients. I don't know. It's possible. For one thing, he didn't yell at me for being fat. It was absolutely brutal when he asked me for my height and weight in front of my husband. I'm surprised DH's jaw didn't drop, because every time he has guessed my weight in the passed, he's underestimated by at least 30 pounds. Today must've been quite a gross shock for him.

Anyway, back to Dr. C. He just looked at me and said "Ok..you know that this can contribute to your infertility. I've seen you power walking in our neighbourhood, but you need to do more". That was about it. He wasn't so bad about it.

Now, as for what he said about us, he suggested a few things:
1) He said that it's totally possible that we're just one of those perfectly healthy, normal couples who, for some reason, take a heck of a long time to get pregnant. He said "you might just be on that part of bell curve where it takes a healthy couple a year or more to get pregantn".

2) It could be a problem with DH's sperm. DH had a sperm test and, with the exception of a couple of borderline numbers, almost everything came out normal. Dr. C said that, to him, the test looked "just fine. Normal".

3) Or it could be an ovulation problem. He said that since I have such regular menstrual periods, he doesn't think that I have an ovulation problem. Instead, he assumes that our fertility issues have been caused by my thyroid which, probably, just squewed my hormones every so slightly....but enough to cause a lack of conception.

He recommended a couple of tests for me: 1) a baseline ultrasound (trans-vaginal), which will check for ovarian cysts and uterine lining issues, and 2) a special test to check my fallopian tubes and make sure they're clear. I've heard that this second test is excruciatingly painful. I told him that I'd rather hold off for a couple months before booking that.

If we don't get pregnant this month, I'll have a whole WHACK of tests to do next month: blood tests, ultrasounds, etc.

Hubby also mentioned my extreme depression/anxiety, and Dr. C recommended that I see the councillor in his clinic. I'm definitely going to book that appointment tomorrow.

Anyway, here's some more important information:
When Dr. C examined me (basically he did a pap), he took a one second look at my privates and said "Whoa...you're about to ovulate! Keep your husband nearby!". I said "uhhh...how do you know that?" and he said "You have tons of healthy cervical mucus here". I also mentioned that I had been having some serious ovary soreness. He didn't have anything to say about that. But it seemed, given the ovary pains, and the EWCM, that I must be close to ovulating (even though I'm only on CD11).

Later today, I took an OPK test, and it came back positive. How can this be?? I don't understand how I can be ovulating so early? I'm scared that we're, once again, front-loading our sex efforts. We have a bad track record of having tons of sex early in my fertile phase, and then not having the stamina to continue through my ovulation time.

Anyway, DH and I will be BDing tonight and tomorrow and, hopefully, I'll get pregnant. Nothing more to say than that.
UPDATE: Oh... I forgot to mention the funny part of the appointment. DH accompanied me to the examination room after our consult with Dr. C in his office. When Dr. C walked in, DH said "Ok...I think maybe I should wait outside". Dr. C said, "Well, I actually need you here because I want to examine you too". (Keep in mind, we're personal friends/acquaintances with Dr. C). Dr. C then looked at DH and said "I'll need to check your family jewels. Could you please drop your pants so I can squeeze your testicles?"
I thought poor hubby would die of embarassment. He was so nervous that he just started speaking at a hundred miles an hour, saying 'oh...sure, here you go' (as he casually whipped out his schlong). I almost busted up laughing.


Anonymous said...


It's hard not to be a bit nosy about this blog. But are you doing the sympto-thermal method? That's part of Natural Family Planning. You take your base temperature every morning and chart your cervical mucus everyday and that way you'll know when you're ovulating.

I do this. Trust me, you can ovulate on practically any day of the cycle, depending on the circumstances. I've ovualted on day 11 and on day 25. Don't listen to doctors or "experts" who say you can't. They are ignorant.

If you want to keep that cervical mucus coming, what works for me is lots of popcorn and carrots. And stay away from the anti-histamines/allergy medicines. You want the transparent, glooey stuff, not the yellow, sticky stuff. When you get the transparent stuff, that's the day you should have sex.

And I'm not sure about those monthly ovulation kits. I've heard from word of mouth they may not be as trustworthy as the sympto-thermal method.

I'm trying not to be too nosy. I've been trying to bite my tongue. Lots of prayers for you tonight.

capitalchick said...

Good question. No, I'm not taking my basal body temperature on a daily basis. The reason I've never been able to do this is because I suffer from insomnia and very choppy sleep patterns. I understand that, in order to take your temperature in the morning, you are supposed to have slept uninterrupted for 3-4 hours or something. Well, for me that's almost never!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if your insomnia isn't screwing up your fertility. I suffer from occasional bouts-- I have to keep to a regular sleep schedule, otherwise I get majorly messed up.

When you have insomnia, your hormonal /circadian system goes out of whack. I re-read your post: the depression/anxiety doesn't help I'm sure.

For sleeplessness, I like to use Valerian (herbal product), and if I'm really desperate, melatonin. I find that has a bad effect on my heart, but boy, it can really send you to sleep.

I'll try to keep up with your blog.

Jeanne said...

I've never used the sympto-whatchamacallit method, but I've always pretty much gone with the mucus. I KNOW when I am ovulating, because of that. Gosh I don't know why I didn't mention that the other day, guess I thought you already knew. Hope things work out...

Just another thought, a healthier weight (sorry, don't want to yell at you either) would probably help you sleep better. Heard something the other day about insomnia being linked to weight problems.