Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All things pregnancy-related

So...I've noticed a theme.

When DH asked me last week what movie I wanted to see (same question my mom had asked me earlier), the only one I really wanted to see was "Baby Momma" (see below).

And I also have a TV in my cubicle at work because I'm in a field where I'm supposed to keep up on current events 24/7. Yeah whatever.

Anyway, turns out that the TV in my cubicle has cable. I only have one channel at home, so cable TV at work makes it ridiculously hard to focus.

Anyway, since I haven't had any work to do for, oh, about 8 months (seriously...that's why I want to leave), I've been watching a lot of TLC. And y'know what show runs on a freaking loop? "Bringing baby home". Yeah...that show where a bunch of yuppies who have NO idea of how to care for a baby, actually give birth to their first child and then take it home for, what they seem to feel is, the dreaded "first 36 hours of life", when they demonstrate how awkward they are with their baby and how they have to rely on a bunch of books to figure out how to hold the baby, how to touch the baby, how to talk to the baby, etc.

It makes me so annoyed, because I can walk into any room and just pick up a baby and be 100% natural and comfortable with a baby. Seriously. Several people have commented on how I'm the most natural person with a baby, and they can't believe I don't have any of my own. Anyway, suffice it to say that it's probably not healthy for me to be watching that shit. It's not making me happier.

Ok, anyway, to continue with the 'pregnancy' theme, I should also tell you that unny is away on business tonight, so to pass the time I decided to rent a movie...and what did I rent?....Juno...

Yeah...that movie about that very fertile 16 year old. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, although the infertile couple who is supposed to adopt Juno's baby was frightening to me...but only because I FEAR becoming like the wife. I'm so worried that DH won't be able to handle my baby-obsessiveness forever.

On a completely unrelated note (well, not COMPLETELY unrelated note...'cause it still has to do with my not being able to get pregnant), I've been receiving acupuncture treatment for some unhealed sprained ankles, and I suddenly wondered if I should consider it for fertility.

I've actually reached that point. I mean, several months ago, after the second month that I didn't get pregnant, I was reading on baby and bump about all these infertile women who have regular acupuncture sessions to try and help them conceive. And I thought "Whoa...scary. Those chicks'll try anything to get pregnant". And. Now. Here I am. This whole TTC thing has been one big exercise in eating my words.


Moderndayverona said...

Wow you sound like me. Juno. Baby mama. Anything baby realted is the first thing that pops into my mind. I used to think the same thing avout women on Baby and Bump, they will do anything yet I am waiting for the UPS guy to bring me my new basal thermometer and OPKs. I used to think I would just get pregnant after my miscarriage and now I am trying anything to bring it on sooner. I feel obsessed!

I have watched bringing home baby too, I wonder how anyone can be so awkward with the miracle that is their offspring. I have been a nanny and dealt with other's children better than these new parents can deal with their own. I am glad you are natural with children, that will be an excellent advantage when you have a baby.

I hope you get your BFP soon.

Moderndayverona said...

I loved Juno. It showed a realistic [yet tastefully funny] take on the adoption side of unplanned pregnancy. I LOVED when the step-mom yelled at the ultrasound tech. I would have done that if it were me.

Do you know how to crochet? I would HIGHLY recommend that as a good craft. It takes my mind off TTC but allows me to make the cutest baby blankets in case we get our BFP. I think of it as obsessing without being mental. If you can learn a simple stitch you can kill loads of time in the 2WW. Join me in crochet-land it's super fun. [once you get the hang of it]

Jeanne said...

Gosh, I hate Bringing Home Baby. Once you've seen one you've seen them all. Plus, it isn't the first 36 hours that are the worst, it's after, when you've been sleep deprived for like, a week, and you are functioning on espresso, and grumpy and the darn thing won't sleep... THAT'S when you crack...