Friday, May 2, 2008

GREAT advice!


I just got off the phone with my mother, who had returned from her doctor's appointment, with an arm load of fertility advice for me. Chief among the smartest tidbits:
Just relax and let it happen. Stress will make you infertile. The more you stress, the longer it will take you to conceive. Just RELAX and before you know it, you'll have your arms full of babies!

I felt that I had moral responsibility to share this brand spanking new fertility advice.

Now go. Relax.


hopefaithlove said...

Sounds like my Mom! I sometimes want to smack her!

Moderndayverona said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging note. It really helps to know someone gets what I am going through.

My best buddy on Baby and Bump had now moved on to the First Trimester and we still chat on MSN and such but i am afraid to talk openly about my concerns with TTC because she has had MC after MC and I want to be sympathetic to her.

I have tried to find new cycle buddies and chat buddies on the site but it seems that everyone already has their little cliques and I am the outsider. (although most of these girls are newer than me) I just need to find another MSN buddy that is also TTC. [talking to the pregos just brings me down, not that I am not happy for them]

I may not understand you heath condition that well, but I understand having to postpone TTC for health. I have an intestinal disorder and when I have to go on the meds [for flare ups] I can not TTC for risk of birth defects.

I just hope we can all move on to the pregnancy areas of the forum soon.

Giving tons of Baby Dust to you!