Friday, June 20, 2008

So freaked to even be saying this

....but I'm cautiously optimistic this month. The only reasons are as follows:
1) It was my HSG month and the doctor said that there's an increased chance of conceiving this month,
2) Normally I feel absolutely nothing after ovulation, but I've been feeling some poking, tingling and throbbing in my ovarian/uterus area for the past two days.
It's not much to go on...but it's something a little different. But again, just for the record, I'm CAUTIOUSLY optimistic. I'm mentally preparing myself to not be pregnant and have to move onto next month....when I'll be making good use of those Instead Cups after BDing. Oh...and also...I noticed a tiny bit of tingle in my boobs last night.
I'm either one or two days past ovulation today.

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